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    Do not sit down at the entrance to the area, but at the door. Taxis are allowed to drive on the grounds of Schwanenhöfe.

    There is a generous parking garage on Schwanenhöfe. There are also additional parking spaces available. The route follows the red arrow on the map shown.

    The following parking fees apply on the property from 1 May 2015 (all information without guarantee):

    There is a 30 minutes free transit time.
    If you do not leave the area within this time, the tariff will be charged with 2,00 € from the 1st minute.
    Each additional hour costs 2.00 €.

    In the time of Fri 18 o’clock – Sa 18 o’clock, as well as of Sa 18 o’clock – So 18 o’clock becomes a max. Maximum amount of € 10 due.

    Loss of a parking ticket will result in a charge of € 30.00.

    If parking garage and parking spaces are occupied, it is advisable to use the public parking spaces along the street or at the shopping center near Kettwiger Strasse.


    The U75 comes directly from the main station and stops at Kettwiger or Ronsdorfer Strasse. From both stops it is only about 300 meters walk to Schwanenhöfe.