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Food & beverages

Our Foodbook, which is updated annually, will help you to find out more about the culinary delights we offer, including live cooking stations, barbecue buffets, flying buffets, finger food, fork buffets and unusual street food concepts. There is also an organic or regional quality level in the portfolio. In keeping with the times, we also offer vegan alternatives. If you do not find what you are looking for, our kitchen team will create a variant specifically tailored to your wishes.

An extensive and well-thought-out wine and spirits menu rounds off the menu. From digestives such as Hierbas, 15 different types of gin to 16-year-old whiskey and numerous international vodka specialties – our professionally trained bar staff will find the right drink for every guest.

Would you like a special cocktail or a trendy welcome drink? The only limit is your imagination.

Thompsons GIN